Send emails that welcome your clients with open arms & leave them excited to work with you. 

Hi, so wonderful to meet you! I'm Jenny.


I help women CEOs take control of their sales with email copy that serves others well and sells.

You absolutely can have an email list that educates, makes your audience feel seen, and powerfully markets in the most joyful way.



"People love my emails! One person Venmo'd me $10 for coffee because my email spoke to her so much. Others respond to emails telling me this is exactly what they needed to hear in the moment. I feel like I'm connecting with people on such a deeper level, and it still feels SO authentic because Jenny perfectly articulates what is crashing around in my mind, and makes sure it sounds like me." ~ Maddie Peschong, Branding Photographer & Strategist.

Yep! You can reach your next client and make a sale just by sending an email!

(And you don't even have to write it!)

Here's How:

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Ongoing Email Content

Welcome/Launch Sequence

Email subscribers are like guests at the party. 

Let's make them feel at home!


The client you've always wanted to work with lands on your email list. She wants to learn from you, trust you, and see what you're made of. Make it RAIN with education, resources, and offers that will change her life!

Can I please get an email sequence that actually converts?! 

Sales system on autopilot? You got it!

Working with you is a game-changer, but how do you get your dream clients excited about your new offer? By crafting a launch sequence that shows transformation, heart, and serves your audience just what they need.

Portfolio & Results

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   The email sales funnel for a life coach with a 78% open and 11% click rate.

Welcome Sequence

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A copy strategy that made this business coach the authority in her field and opened income opportunities for years to come.

Launch Copy

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 An email marketing sequence that helped a coach fill her new membership program.

Launch Sequence

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Opt-ins should always be as good as your paid stuff and lead directly to your main offer. See how this quiz lead magnet is all that & more!

Lead Magnet

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Sales page copy that consistently books a Reiki coach's calendar months in advance.

Sales Page

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How I increased the number of views for this photographer's website by 125% with a goal-driven blog post.

Content Strategy

(While we have a blast creating the email copy you've always wanted your business to have!)

What it's like to work with me..

"Hiring Jenny was a no brainer for me. Her ability to provide massive value to my current and future clients while sounding like me was just what I was looking for. I have seen higher engagement on the content that she’s written. She is quick to respond, fun, professional, and she really listens to and captures what I am trying to say. "

Jamie ~ Branding/Family  Photographer

"Working with Jenny is so easy! It's not extra work, and it's almost therapeutic. I'm so much better at talking something out than I am at writing it down in a way that makes sense, at least at first pass. Being able to essentially word-vomit the thoughts in my head to Jenny and have them come out so beautiful has been incredible!"

Maddie~ Branding Photographer/Strategist

"I didn't expect this to be so easy! Jenny was positive and easy to talk to. She told my story so well. I had an increase in calls for service for sure as a result of her writing for my business.

Kelly ~ Kelly's Pet Training

"I could literally cry reading this. Not because it's sad, but because you are creating exactly what I am wanting by hiring a writer." ~ Chelsea, Business & Life Coach

You have a beautiful message & a heart for helping people like no other.

Same here friend. I get you!


You didn't get into business to be stuck behind a keyboard, writing emails and keeping up with your Instagram content all day!


You want to serve your clients, be creative, and take care of people.


That's where I come in.


I'll take a weight off your shoulders by consistently delivering amazing written copy for your email list and beyond, so you can get back to running your business knowing with confidence your messaging is being crafted by someone who loves your clients as much as you do.

I have always wanted to be a writer. Once I realized how much words and sharing our stories could help people grow their businesses and dreams ~ I was hooked.

When I'm not writing, you can find me hanging out with my husband and our three daughters. We live in beautiful, windy South Dakota where we're usually up to some outdoor shenanigans like searching for owl nests, swimming in the Missouri River, or catching frogs.  


Me and My Crew :) 

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